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Volunteer-Based System for Research on the Internet Traffic

Tomasz Bujlow, Kartheepan Balachandran, Sara Ligaard Nørgaard Hald, Tahir Riaz, and Jens Myrup Pedersen

TELFOR Journal, ISSN 1821-3251 (Print), 2334-9905 (Online), vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 2 - 7, TELFOR, September 2012.

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To overcome the drawbacks of the existing methods for traffic classification (by ports, Deep Packet Inspection, statistical classification), a new system was developed, in which the data are collected and classified directly by clients installed on machines belonging to volunteers. Our approach combines the information obtained from the system sockets, the HTTP content types, and the data transmitted through network interfaces. It allows to group packets into flows and associate them with particular applications or the types of service. This paper presents the design and implementation of our system, the testing phase and the obtained results. The performed threat assessment highlights potential security issues and proposes solutions in order to mitigate the risks. Furthermore, it proves that the system is feasible in terms of uptime and resource usage, assesses its performance and proposes future enhancements. We released the system under The GNU General Public License v3.0 and published it as a SourceForge project called Volunteer-Based System for Research on the Internet.

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